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Wired cameras or wireless cameras?

Wired camera vs wireless cameras?

If you are in market to get a security system, you might be getting confused with so many choices and finding it hard to decide wired cameras or wireless cameras system? If you ask a professional security installer, they will always tell you to install wired cameras. But with cheap prices, availability, and promotions, many people have been led to believe that Wireless cameras are the best options for their security needs. However, there are several reasons why wired cameras are a better choice.


First and foremost, wired cameras offer a higher level of reliability than their wireless counterparts. With a wired camera, you have a stable and consistent connection to your security system. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, are often prone to connectivity issues. Which can lead to lost footage or an inability to access your cameras when you need to.

In addition to reliability, wired cameras also offer better picture quality. Wired cameras are able to transmit higher-quality video with less compression than wireless cameras. This means that you are able to get a clearer image of what is happening in and around your property. So It is easier to identify potential threats and intruders.


Wirelss cameras can work good enough if you have a small Building or house. But for larger areas such as a multi-story house or a shop/ office with other wireless devices, It gets problematic. Wireless cameras, you are limited to areas where you can get a strong signal, which can be difficult if your property has thick walls or other obstacles. Wired cameras, on the other hand, can be installed wherever you need them, without having to worry about signal strength.

Physical Security of cameras –

Yes, it may sound funny but security cameras need security too. Wireless cameras are designed & built,to take it off the base easily and recharge or change the batteries. For example, Eufy wireless cameras have magnetic bases and cameras just stick to magnets, with no screws to secure them. A thug with his face covered can grab the camera and change direction or just take the battery out. The wired camera is installed with Anti-theft screws, so it’s not easy or quick to change their direction. Most of our cameras equipped with AI can learn the scene around them and notify you when someone tries to remove it, cover it or change the direction.

Cyber Security

Another advantage of wired cameras is that they are more secure than wireless cameras. Wireless cameras can be vulnerable to hacking and interference, which can compromise the security of your property. Wired cameras, on the other hand, are much harder to hack into since they require physical access to the camera itself.

Batteries –

Furthermore, wired cameras don’t require batteries, which is another downside of wireless cameras. With wireless cameras, you need to constantly replace batteries to ensure they continue working, which can be time-consuming and expensive. With wired cameras, you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries, which means less maintenance and more peace of mind.

Wireless camera manufacturers claim that their camera batteries last a year or so. But does it really? A similar principle applies to all cameras, so the claim of a battery lasting a year is not true. Most wireless cameras have battery-saver options- where cameras go into sleep mode to save battery and only wakes up when motion is detected- so not truly 24-hour live camera. As cameras age, Motion sensors start failing. Also, batteries start giving up in our hot Australian summers.

Wired cameras or wireless CamerasCost

Additionally, wired cameras are often more cost-effective than wireless cameras in the long run. While wired cameras may require a larger upfront investment of hardware and installation charges, they don’t require ongoing maintenance, Subscriptions, or battery replacements, which can save you money in the long run. Subscription cost per camera can cost you around $50 a year, If you have 5 cameras installed, you are paying around $250 a year. In many cases, it is not always obvious that certain camera kits require a subscription at all. And that if you don’t pay for the subscription, your camera often loses its best features.

In conclusion, while wireless cameras may seem like a convenient option, they come with several downsides that make wired cameras a better choice for security-conscious individuals. Wired cameras offer better reliability, picture quality, flexibility, security, and durability, making them a better long-term investment for your security needs. If you seek professional advice from security installers, they will always tell you when it comes to wired cameras or wireless cameras?, wired cameras are always the best choice.

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